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EU Standard EV Charger Model 3 Spiral Cable

EU Standard EV Charger Model 3 Spiral Cable

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Support for color customization. Contact us for more product's informations.

*Mechanical property:

mechanical life: No-load plug in/out >10000 times

Impact external force:

Ability to withstand 1M height drop and the rolling of a 2T-vehicle.

*Electrical property:

Voltage input rating: 250V/480V

AC power input rating: 16A/20A/32A

Insulation Resistance: >1000M Ω (DC500V)

Terminal Temperature Rise: <50K

Withstand Voltage: 2500V

Contact Impedance: 0.5m Ω Max

*C-CPD application:

Over voltage protection

Under voltage protection

Overload protection

Short circuit protection

Earth leakage Protection

Over temp protection

Surge protection


CP Exception protection

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